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Ocular Disease Management

     •     Red Eye

     •     Foreign Body Removal

     •     Diabetic Eye Health Care

     •     Cataract Co-Management

     •     Glaucoma Treatment

     •     Emergency Services

   Children’s Vision and Functional Vision Management

     •     Environmental Vision

     •     Computer Vision Syndromes

     •     Strabismus/Lazy Eye

     •     Work Related Eye Strain

            Safety Eyewear

   Refractive Error Management

     •     On site Optical Lab

     •     Glasses

     •     Contact Lenses

     •     Laser Vision Correction Co-Management

Who We Are

At  Vickers Eye Care, we have been providing personal and professional care  to the community for over 12 years. We utilize the most advanced  equipment availabe to diagnose, treat and educate our patients.  By utilizing electronic medical records, Dr. Vickers can  seamlessly communicate with your primary care physician or facilitate  referrals.

Optical  Eyewear: Our optical stocks more frames than any other provider in the  area.  This gives each patient a very broad selection of styles, sizes  and colors to choose from when purchasing new eyewear. All lens options  are available and we stock thousands of single vision lenses which can  be delivered on the same day through our in house lens fabrication lab.  Dr. Vickers and our opticians can recommend the lens that will work best  for each individual’s prescription and needs. Accuracy of prescription,  quality of product and optimal vision and comfort are our priority and  commitment to you.

Contact Lenses

Contact  Lenses:   Vickers Eye Care offers the most innovative and advanced  contact lenses on the world market. Contact lenses are a unique  opportunity to enhance visual function for certain individuals. A  complete history and mapping of the front of the eye (cornea) enables  Dr. Vickers to recommend a specific contact lens based on the patients  eye and occupational needs. Dr. Vickers considers hard to fit patients  one of his areas of expertise and enjoys the challenge. With all the  available contact lens resources we have available today, there are very  few people that are unable to wear contact lenses.

Special Population Eye Care

Pediatric, Geriatric and special needs patients require different types of  examination and care as part of their overall health and vision well being.  Our facilities are ADA compliant and we are eagerly here to help all our patients live more productive, enjoyable lives.



The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends an eye exam by the  first 12 month of age and yearly eye exams. The importance to have your  child’s eyes examined at such a young age is to rule out High Refractive  Error, Strabismus (Eyeturn), Amblyopia (Decreased Vision), and other  Ocular Diseases. Prognosis for full recovery of vision decreases the  longer the problem goes untreated. It is easier to treat and manage a  problem earlier in life.


• An in-depth health and birth history

• Evaluation of his/her:

• Abilty to fixate and track an object

• Eye movements in all directions

• Alignment of the eyes

• Ability of pupillary light reflexes

• Refractive error (need for spectacle correction)

• Front of the eye and lids

• Instillation of drops in order to evaluate the retina, optic nerve, and lens


What signs and symptoms may indicate that my child is having problems seeing?

• Headaches

• Squinting to see distance targets

• Complaints of blurry vision at near

• Crossed eyes or one eye may turn out

• Complains that eyes hurt

• Child complains of double vision

• Tilt or runs head with visual tasks

• Eyelid droops

• Eyestrain/Difficulties when reading

• Errors in copying from blackboard to paper

• Poor handwriting or printing

• Uses finger to keep place when reading


What should I do if my child has a pink eye or irritated eye?

Call our office or walk in for emergency care with Dr. Vickers. There are many reasons why a child could have  a pink eye, such as bacterial infection, viral infection, allergies, or  trauma. Dr. Vickers' office is equipped with microscopes to determine  the correct cause of the problem. It is not appropriate to treat your child with antibiotics without determining the exact cause. You should never reuse medications that were given for a similar case. Always discuss with Dr. Vickers first before administering any medications to your child.

Is  your child struggling in school? Is it easy for your child to understand something when you read it aloud, but difficult when he/she  has to read it to themselves? They could be suffering from a treatable vision related learning problem.

The next step is to schedule an eye appointment to evaluate your child’s  visual needs. Following the exam, Dr. Vickers may recommend additional  testing to evaluate the visual skills your child needs to read, learn, and remain on task- including oculomotor , visual perception, visual  memory, visual motor integration, writing speed and precision, reading  fluency, letter reversals, and visual attention. These tests can help us  decide the best course of action to correct you child’s vision problem.

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